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Cross Breeding with Brown Swiss

The Sum of the positive characteristics has lead to a steadily rising numbers of farms using Brown Swiss sires in crossbreeding with other dairy breeds.
The F1-generation (first cross) shows an extraordinary vitality, evens up the protein content in the milk and gives easy handling cows.     [ Read the full article ]

Cheese Protein Power

The advantages of the Brown Swiss breed are many and quite diverse, ranging from easy calving to having the best legs and feet, to being tolerant to a wide range of temperatures ... However an area that has been largely overlooked is the quantity and quality of Brown Swiss Milk.   [ Read the full article ]

Lady - the new Lifetime Fat Production Leader

Little Hill Exclaim Lady recently broke the Lifetime Fat Production record for the Brown Swiss Breed. Her current lifetime production to date is 271,087M 13,952F 8,433P made in just 2,880 days. Lady is scored '3E93' 3E93MS. She is sired by R Hart EX Exclaim and will turn 11 years old on November 6th.     [ Read the full article ]

Top Bulls Around the World

See anything you might like to use next mating, let me know, we might be able to organise it.     [ Read the full article ]

Genomics & Brown Swiss

For the last four years the single most discussed subject in the US Dairy Genetics industry has been the development and implementation of Genomics. As with all major changes there have been those who have lauded Genomics as the final, best and only tool needed to breed cows. The extreme believers have promoted the concept that all that will be needed to mate cows in the future are computers aligning the data on chips, you will not have to even look at the animals. On the other hand, there are those who view Genomics with great skepticism. For these people Genomics has been created to wrest the direction of the future from the hands of those who have raised the foundation upon which Genomics is built, the Purebred breeder.     [ Read the full article ]

Newly Idenfied Fertility Factor in Brown Swiss

One of the major areas of concentrated effort in the Brown Swiss breed worldwide is to improve fertility. Thanks to the continuing research with genomics, a possible factor that has been contributing to lower fertility in Brown Swiss has been identified. This Haplotype, or single copy of a DNA region, is relatively common in the Brown Swiss population. What interested researchers at AIPL is that no animals could be identified that had two copies of this Haplotype. The name given by the industry to this newly identified fertility factor is Brown Swiss Haplotype 1, or BH1.     [ Read the full article ]

World record holder passes away

According to a press release, the present world record holder for lifetime milk production has been put down on May 5, 2010.

Studach's Regal Morchel, a Rapture El Regal daughter born on February 9, 1987, produced in her lifetime 197′000 kg of milk in 6994 days and 14 lactations. Her milk components were 3.44%fat and 3.44% crude protein. This equals 434′310 pounds of milk, 14′930 pounds of fat and 14′921 pounds of protein, making her the world record holder for lifetime
production of the breed.

Morchel spent her lifetime on the farm of the Studach family in Moerschwil, at a 10 minutes drive from the city of St. Gallen.
She last calved on August 20, 2006, with a heifer calf by Bruget, and her last test on April 26, 2010 was 6.0 kg. Morchel goes back to Rapture El Regal, from a dam sired by Johann Proud Matthew (W) with a lifetime production of 74398kg or 164019 pounds, then a cow sired by Darwin, a Beautician (A) son, and after that original Braunvieh.

Hats off to the Studach family and a special thank you for proving the longevity, productivity and sturdiness of our breed!

New world record production

A new world record production in milk, fat and protein has been set by Lost Elm Prelude Pixy ET. Click here to view a PDF.


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