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Why Brown Swiss Cattle?


  • Superior productive life due to higher resistance
  • Higher components (protein and fat)
  • High content of casein (especially kappa-casein BB)
  • Better feet and legs
  • Best heat resistance
  • Low susceptibility to disease
  • Lower cell counts
  • Easy calving
  • Temperament: easy to handle
  • Closest type to the Holstein breed; less changes in management and constant size

The Brown Swiss Advantage

New Zealand dairymen working with Brown Swiss cattle have made the following observations of Brown Swiss as commercial dairy cows, thereby proving the utility and productive longevity of this popular World breed:

Close protein/fat ratio

Brown Swiss milk possesses the closest protein/fat ratio of any dairy breed. This fact is particularly important in NZ, as our milk payment system favours protein production.

Feet and legs

Properly structured legs allies to strong, hard, black, well formed feet, that mean Brown Swiss cattle have few problems in New Zealand's farming systems. No doubt this is one of the key qualities that enable many Brown Swiss to continue producing in the herd until they are 12-15 years of age.

Quiet Temperament

Dairymen, members of the association, all of whom have worked with a variety of breeds are completely unanimous in their praise of the docile temperament and inquisitive nature of these quiet cattle.


The characteristic longevity of the breed is very evident in the New Zealand experience with Brown Swiss. While the breed tends to be later maturing than other breeds, cows tend to reach their peak in 5th or later lactations. Some breeds find it difficult to reach this stage, while the strength of the Brown Swiss allows them to lead long productive lives.

Strength & Hybrid Vigour

Brown Swiss cows are cattle of great substance and strength. The experience of having cows 'go down' with metabolic problems or any other reason is rare amongst Brown Swiss owners.

Brown Swiss are renowned for their role when crossed with other dairy breeds or for that fact with beef breeds as well, in generally improving the production and strength of the parent breed. This is evident throughout the world from the tropics to the alpine regions.

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